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12 de Septiembre de 2023

Colombian fashion: an industry that shows the country’s talent to the world

Acquire Colombian fashion industry garments, a sector in which the country has positioned itself as a regional leader because of its quality and materials.

Fashion is an industry that affects everyone from the moment they start their day until bedtime. Daily, a person makes decisions related to the clothes they will wear during the day, to go to work out or to meet friends. This makes this sector an industry that is part of society's lifestyle that is necessary for everyone.

For this reason, Colombia has decided, in recent decades, to promote the national fashion industry, which has allowed this sector to become one of the most important for the national economy and makes the Colombian offer to stand out for its quality, diversity and sophistication, which has positioned national goods in markets around the world.

The Colombian brand’s success

Colombian fashion designerssuch as Silvia Tcherassi, Esteban Cortázar or Humberto Cubides, have reached stages such as the Met Gala and have dressed music celebrities such as Shakira, Madonna and Beyoncé. This has happened in part thanks to the Colombian offer’s development in this area and the designs’ originality.

Besides, some of the most important fashion events in the region have been born in the country. One of these is Bogota Fashion Week, which is "a commercial and promotional platform of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota (CCB) that seeks to consolidate the city as an international fashion business capital."

Model catwalk where Colombian fashion trends are defined, in an event in Bogotá with garments designed by Colombian designers.

Another event that stands out for its importance is Colombiamoda, which takes place in Medellin, attracting more than 1,700 international buyers and bringing together more than 500 exhibiting brands, which are exalting sustainable fashion and the national industry.

All this has boosted national exports in the fashion system sector. During 2022 it reached sales of US$ FOB 921.4 million, 5% more than 2021. In addition, between January and April 2023, it has already reached US$ FOB 292.9 million in sales, which is evidence of an industry with a solid supply and high demand worldwide.

The Colombian offer

Colombian offer is wide and diverse. Besides clothing designed for a normal day, the national offer also includes jewelry and costume jewelry, swimwearfor the pool or the beach, and clothing for cyclists, among many other types of garments designed to accompany people in all kinds of moments.

A display of the latest fashion trends for women.

Among the companies that stand out for their quality are giants such as Arturo Callewhich is dedicated to the production and commercialization of textiles and textile garments in general, exporting wholesale and retail formal clothes, casual clothes, sportswear, sleepwear, swimwear, underwear, bedding and tableware.

Another company that stands out for its unique goods is Waya Artesanías, which sells clothing and bags that were made by Wayuu women weavers, with original designs and ancestral techniques. An offer that can only be found in Colombia.

On the other hand, in the Colombian industry you can also find clothing designed exclusively for women. An example of this is the company Eléntari, which has Colombian designs and manufactures, and makes versatility and affordability its brand pillars.

Colombian models on a runway showcasing the diversity in the fashion industry with garments of different colors that show cultural traditions.

Get to know our offer

All this, added to the effort made by Colombia to promote sustainable fashion, makes the Colombian offer very attractive to any buyer around the world.

Learn more about this great industry on our Instagram account @colombianfashiontrends and discover all you need to know about Colombian fashion offer here.

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