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13 de Julio de 2023

Acquire swimwear from the Colombian offer

Colombia is the country of the eternal seasons: cities like Medellin have an eternal spring while Cartagena is an eternal summer. Besides, in only one hour's travel you can go from the coldest mountains to the hottest deserts, and from the biggest cities to the most peaceful beaches.

These conditions helped Colombian companies to create the bests swimsuits, for any kind of place and any body type. With these Colombian goods your clients will enjoy a day at the beach or an indoor swimming pool in the middle of the city. 


Swimsuits for summer vacations

According to United Nations information, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom, among others, had their warmest year on record last year and the summer in Europe was the hottest ever recorded. Besides, according to Climate Central ORG, United States had its third-warmest summer. 
This year’s temperatures are expected to be closer to those of previous years, and the summer season’s heat, which lasts from June to September, is a decisive factor in motivating people to go swimming in rivers, lakes, pools, seas and any kind of aquatic activities. To do this, they will need a good swimsuit to accompany them in the day’s most refreshing moments.
Woman enjoying time at the beach in a women's swimsuit dress with all the necessary swimsuit accessories.

Colombian swimsuits offer 

For them, Colombia has developed a whole swimsuits industry, in which you can find garments and accessories designed for men, women and children of different ages and sizes. All of these were made with special materials and techniques to achieve the best quality. 
An example is the company Blubarqué, which is a swimwear for men brand that has created luxury garments with textile technology, making their suits with repelling liquids capability, preventing its absorption and with protection from the sun's rays. Besides, their texture is soft, resistant and doesn’t generate specks. 
Agua Bendita is another swimwear Colombian company. Since 2003 they have developed innovative processes to create their garments in a sustainable way. The company trades with bikinis, one piece swimsuits for women and swimsuits for men and children. 
Companies such as these have contributed to the consolidation of national exports in recent years, and Colombian goods have been well received in all destinations. Thanks to this, the country reached US$ FOB 21.8 million in sales during 2022: 16 % more than 2021. Besides, between January and April 2023, swimwear sales reached US$ FOB 9.6 million. 
This is a sign of a solid market, in which different sectors’ companies have already trusted to give their customers what they need to enjoy the summer or any time of the year they want to spend moments at the beach or at the pool. 
man with swimwear accessories to swimming in a river.
However, what makes the Colombian swimwear offer stand out the most is the quality and variety of its garments. Those goods' materials are designed to give to those who wear them all the necessary comforts to have pleasant moments. 
Don't miss the opportunity to acquire Colombian swimwears. Learn more about this offer here. 

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