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05 de Septiembre de 2023

Goldenberry: the exotic Colombian fruit you really need to taste

Wondering why the Colombian goldenberry has become fascinating across the global market and what renders so valuable this exotic fruit – of which Colombia has positioned itself as leading exporter – can be answered by taking a close look at its cultivation.

The golden fruit

The soil in which it grows has been meticulously studied by engineers and farmers who have worked with this land their entire lives, and has been prepared to foster the absolute optimal development of this fruit’s conditions.

From the moment the seedling is introduced into the soil, a process that lasts for more than six months begins. During this time, its growth is monitored, and the area is fertilized. Finally, when the goldenberry reaches its iconic golden color, it’s cut and stored to be sent across the world’s dinner tables.

Goldenberry growth process.

A consolidated market

This process lies at the heart and development of more than 36 national companies that trade this good in the global market. These, in turn, have boosted Colombian goldenberry exports, making 2022 one of its best years in terms of figures.

According to the Colombian Association of Foreign Trade (Analdex), that year the country exported 8,541 tons of goldenberry, representing USD FOB 38.2 million in sales – the highest figure of the past seven years. Additionally, 15.7% of this market was made up by United States, reaching USD FOB 6 million in sales to that country alone.

Growth in goldenberry exports – one of Colombia's exotic fruits – between 2016 and 2022, according to the Colombian Association of Foreign Trade (Analdex).

Colombian companies have managed to compellingly position the great value of goldenberries in this and many other nations. Despite the high and growing demand, this fruit can be easily acquired thanks to the wide supply offered by the Colombian market.

Companies such as Novacampo SAS, Ocati S.A.and Frutireyes SAS, among many others, supply the country's exports offer with exotic Colombian fruits, including goldenberries.

These businesses have been trading this fruit in the global market for several years now, and have managed to position it across different continents thanks to both the technology employed at the time of cultivation and the fruit’s inherent versatility, which allow it to easily act as cocktail decoration, as well as a heightening ingredient of various dishes and desserts.

Goldenberries in their traditional packaging on a wooden table during the day.

All of this is strongly supported by the efforts made by the government to develop environmentally friendly cultivation and production processes, which care for the land and prevent it from losing its high fertility. These efforts have gained further support since Colombia joined the European Green Pact, which seeks, according to Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Luis Felipe Quintero, to move us towards a sustainable economy.

Benefits of the goldenberry

In addition to providing the exquisite citrus flavor of a fruit born of one of the most fertile lands on the planet, goldenberries offer plenty of other benefits. The nutritional components of this fruit, also known as physalis, have antioxidant capacities, since it provides vitamin A, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Goldenberries and a pitcher of goldenberry juice on a wooden board during the day.

On the other hand, its components have piqued researchers’ interest, who have found that its consumption can help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

However, the main benefit of consuming this fruit is surely the way it delights palates with the unmistakable seal of Colombian quality – particularly in the richness and strength of its flavor. Don’t miss the chance to taste this gift of the Colombian Andes and learn more about other exotic fruits the country of beauty provides right here.


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