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25 de Junio de 2023

Colombian jewelry offers luxury and opportunity across international markets

Jewelry and costume jewelry are among the numerous goods that represent Colombia in the global market. The quality of its emeralds renders them highly sought-after and makes the country this gem’s leading exporter.

ProColombia has identified that the market is increasingly attractive for companies interested in buying these Colombian goods, especially those located in countries such as the United States, Peru, Israel and those that are part of the European Union. This is thanks to the trade agreements they have with Colombia, which provide them with tariff and logistic benefits. 
woman selling emerald jewelry from Colombia in a jewelry store that sells high quality emeralds.

Characteristics of Colombian handmade jewelry

Colombian handmade jewelry stands out in international markets thanks to various differentiating factors, such as the artisanal techniques employed that help render each piece unique and the representation of Colombian cultural symbols that infuse them with a strong identity and heritage added value.
A great example of this is Mercedes Salazar, the designer whose collections extol the ancestral techniques of Colombian culture, has traveled the country in search of new ways of integrating this intangible cultural heritage into her jewelry. Across the years, the company has partnered with companies such as Juan Valdez and Bavaria. 
woman building a piece of jewelry with ancestral techniques with emeralds from Colombia to sell it in a jewelry store and export it to other countries.
Another example is Moda Elan, which works with Colombian gold to create its jewelry goods and, according to Ana Sierra, its founder, “believe in transforming high jewelry into a thriving force to restore and preserve the biodiversity, strengthen the social and cultural fabric and bring thriving economic growth for all the agents across the system.” 
Several companies along this same current operate in Colombia – those which offer buyers a wide range of designs rendered unique in the world by their cultural representation and ancestral techniques.

Presence and value of Colombian jewelry across the world

The Colombian market stands out among other industries around the world thanks to the quality of its goods. Colombia is the leading exporter of high-quality emeralds in both Latin America and the world. 
Additionally, the Colombian jewelry market grew 3% more than the rest of the world in 2021. McKinsey studies claim global jewelry sales grew by 6%, while the Colombia’s grew between 7% and 9%, representing approximately USD 26.5 billion in sales. 
Colombian jewelry store planning the countries to which it will send his high-quality goods during 2003.
This indicates that, while most industries had difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, jewelry was not as negatively affected in the international market, and Colombian sales even achieved a significant growth. This is partly thanks to the preference for Colombian jewelry and the fact that production did not halt during the initial years of the pandemic. 

Opportunities in the global market 

In addition to the high demand, access to these goods has become easier, especially for countries such as the U.S., France, Germany, Israel, and Peru, among many others. This is thanks to the fact that Colombia enjoys trade agreements with over 60 countries, which offers special tariff and logistic conditions that foster greater trade with a market of immense potential such as our own. 

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