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22 de Agosto de 2023

Get to know Colombia's offer for cycling clothing

Finding sportswear designed for professional and high-level cyclists, that helps athletes to achieve their best performance and is, therefore, in high demand in any global market isn't difficult in Colombia.

The country has a historical relationship with cycling. This sport is so present in the national culture that in Bogota, the capital city, the main avenues are closed every Sundayto give way to both professional cyclists and those who use this transport means as a hobby. The bicycle moves the country, and for this reason a whole industry has been developed focused on providing cycling lovers with sportswear designed for them

Cyclists wearing sportswear (cycling clothing such as cycling helmet).

Colombian cycling clothing

In Colombia there are several companies dedicated to the sportswear trade and specialized in cycling apparel. One example is Bioracer, which exports its goods to countries such as the United States, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Chile. The company specializes in cycling clothing for any climate and creates comfortable and lightweight models with high quality standards.

Another example is Industrias Suárez, a Colombian company specialized in the design and production of cycling apparel and accessories. These fabrics have: UV protection; moisture transport; and have lightweight, waterproof, compressive, thermal, windproof and reflective materials.

The company exports its goods to countries such as Costa Rica, United States, South Korea, Mexico and Chile.

Colombian cyclist wearing women's sportswear, road cycling helmets, cycling gloves and cycling jacket on a mountain road near to a Colombian town.

However, are some of the cyclists that have won competitions such as the Giro d'Italia who have promoted the Colombian sportswear industry. One example of this is Nairo Quintana, with his Tienda Nairo company.

Another one is Go Rigo Go, a company created by the Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Urán. It is dedicated to the commercialization of cycling uniforms, casual apparel, nutrition elements and cycling accessories. The company exports its goods to countries such as Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Canada and the United States.

Colombia in each garment

Colombia's particular characteristics have contributed to the development of these goods qualities. The country's five thermal floors and the fact that deserts coexist with the rainiest and wettest areas of the planet on one place have made manufacturers aware of the need to create adaptable garments to any climate, waterproof goods and sportswear with moisture transport.

cyclist wearing colombian sportswear in her high-level sport training in the middle of nature in a small farm in the United States.

Also, the three mountain ranges that run through Colombia and the variety of flat and steep routes that connect the country have not only prepared our cyclists for world competitions but have also allowed the development of different conditions adaptable garments and the construction of tracks for disciplines such as road cycling, mountain biking and BMX, among others.

Don't miss the opportunity to test the Colombian sportswear and the accessories that the country offers for beginner cyclists as well as for professionals and winners from all over the world. Learn more about these offers here.

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