Proexport Colombia: inversionistas extranjeros estiman la creación de 63.103 empleos en sectores diferentes a minería y petróleo

<p>Las áreas con mayores crecimientos son: infraestructura en turismo, fondos de inversión, metalmecánica y siderúrgica, retail, agroindustria, biocombustibles, materiales de construcción, ingeniería y servicios de construcción.</p>

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Proexport Colombia doubled the number of wholesalers that offer tourist destinations in Colombia between 2010 and 2013

<p>Led by the organization in charge of promoting international tourism toward Colombia, the number of Colombian entrepreneurs doubled and the number of business tourism also tripled</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Proexport Colombia duplicó el número de mayoristas que ofrecen destinos turísticos de Colombia entre 2010 y 2013

<p>También se dobló el número de empresarios colombianos apoyados por la entidad para promover el turismo internacional hacia Colombia y se triplicó el de empresarios de turismo de reuniones</p>

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En 2013, Colombia logró exportaciones con 1.669 nuevos empresarios internacionales

<p>En 2013, Colombia logró exportaciones con 1.669 nuevos empresarios internacionales</p>

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Due to the Free Trade Agreement, Canadian Buyers will arrive in Colombia ready to do business

<p>Proexport will welcome 66 entrepreneurs on November 26 and 27 on a buyer&rsquo;s mission trip aimed to visit 77 Colombian companies from the agroindustry, apparel, services and manufacturing sectors across 5 cities.</p>

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Bogota will once again host the Global International Networkers Team

<p>Proexport Colombia was appointed to host the INT for the second time, where 8,500 visitors from 65 countries in the Americas, Europe and Oceania are expected to gather in Bogota. INT members will enjoy unique experiences designed &nbsp;for corporate international travelers through the &ldquo;Colombia is Magical Realism&rdquo; campaign.</p>

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The United States and Europe are the largest international participants at Expoartesanias 2013

<p>The event will host 61 buyers from 23 different countries invited by Proexport Colombia, of which half of them have never purchased Colombian products.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Agenda de eventos del 9 al 15 de diciembre 2013

<p>Durante la semana del 9 al 15 de diciembre 2013 Proexport Colombia participará en los siguientes eventos nacionales e internacionales.</p>

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