Dos empresas de cruceros duplicarán su llegada a Cartagena

Norwegian Cruise Lines y Princess Cruise doblarán el número de recaladas a Cartagena para la temporada 2012-2013.


The process for Deep Integration Area Chile, Peru and Colombia is Making Progress in Lima

The chairpersons of the three entities have been in session for two days and have exchanged information about the work done by each one of them and the opportunities each country has to promote exports, attract tourism and investment from the Asian Continent.


Avanza en Lima proceso del Área de Integración Profunda Chile, Perú y Colombia

Los presidentes de las tres entidades Proexport Perú, Chile, Colombia, cumplen dos días de sesiones donde intercambian información sobre el trabajo que cada uno desarrolla y sobre las oportunidades que cada país tiene para promover las exportaciones, atraer el turismo y la inversión del continente asiático.


Colombia present at International Tourism Fair ITB 2011 in Berlin, Germany

The delegation led by Proexport will be accompanied by 25 businessmen and representatives of regional institutions in the sector. Colombia will take an innovative proposal for nature tourism, special activities and an environmental strategy to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint.

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Tourism Investment Opportunities to be presented at the IHIF Forum in Germany

Proexport Colombia will present the country's offerings in the field of hotel investment before over 1600 executives from the world’s corporate and vacation hotel sector.


Colombia will present a tourism offer for cruise ships docking in Colombia during Sea Trade

Sea Trade is the largest cruise ship trade show to be held in Miami between March 14th and 17th. During the event, Proexport Colombia will seek to position the country as a destination for cruise ships in the region.


Proexport Colombia will present Natural Tourism proposals during the Trade Show in ITB 2011

The delegation led by Proexport Colombia will present the products available to environmental tourism lovers, along with an invitation to visit them responsibly.


Colombia, the country with the largest variety of birds in the world, a tourism option

International operators specializing in bird-tourism are selling packages for those who enjoy this activity. The number of species, the locations and security are the most compelling arguments to warrant a trip to this South American country at any time of year to enjoy this marvel of nature.


Humpback whale watching in Colombia, also on ITB 2011

The South American country is one of the few where one of the most exciting spectacles in marine fauna can be appreciated. European tour operators can enable you to see, from a very close distance, 18-meter whales in their natural habitat.