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06 de Febrero de 2012

17 Colombian companies specialized in textile and Garments will be attending Magic Show 2012

MAGIC is considered one of the most important fairs in the United States specialized in the Textile and Apparel industry due to the high number of participants it annually holds. More than 60,000 buyers from approximately 80 countries travel to attend this fair in Las Vegas.

It is held two times a year: February and August. This edition will be held from the 12th to the 15th of February at the Mandalay Bay. With the support of PROCOLOMBIA, 17 Colombian companies will be able to attend and exhibit its products.

During the tradeshow, 8 of the 17 companies will be located in the Colombian booth, which was created exclusively for Colombian sourcing companies. This pavilion is exclusively designed to gather all the companies dedicated to full package and sourcing services. The products that will be exhibited will range from stamped t-shirts to jeans, to knitted and woven products and sports clothing. The other stands will be 9 Colombian brands that will be featuring their casual clothing, men’s underwear and shape wear.

The companies attending include: Varbo, Manufacturas ALFA, Color Siete, Clever, Único Interior, Gigo Underwear, Sesamotex, Grupo Espiral y Trayecto Íntimo. Regarding the companies that will be taking supplies and full- packages are: Techniprint, Texcauca, Expofaro, Lafayette, Fabricato, Textilia, Supertex y CI Jeans.

Opportunities with the FTA

Textile and Apparel sector is definitely one of the industries that has been highly benefited with the Free Trade Agreement signed between Colombia and the United States of America.

Colombia is a country that has built a strong reputation in the production and commercialization of textiles and garments. It’s a country that has evolved and has set high standards in the industry, exporting fashions designers that have made it to the most important catwalks in the world.  A tradition that has been established for more than one hundred years has allowed setting world-known textile and apparel procedures making it one of the most prestigious South American countries for producing high quality garments.

All of the characteristics mention above has allowed the Colombian textile and apparel industry to be very flexible, fulfilling all the client’s needs but always meeting the expectations with high quality procedures and designs that keep up with the most contemporary fashion trends.

It is important to also mention that Colombia has set a step forward in the field of production in intelligent textiles like those related to antibacterial, hydrating, anti-odor, textile with UV filter, as well as those made with organic fibers or under the concept of clan production.

El mango de azúcar colombiano está conquistando el mercado global

Conozca las oportunidades de exportar mango de azúcar: un bien de origen colombiano con gran demanda en el mercado internacional, gracias a su exquisito sabor.

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Estos son los principales socios comerciales de Colombia en América Latina

La unión entre países latinoamericanos no es solo una cuestión de idioma o de cultura.

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Destinos prometedores para la comida vegana colombiana

El planeta está viviendo un boom de la comida vegana, reflejo de las adaptaciones de la industria alimentaria que obedecen a las nuevas tendencias de consumo consciente.

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Gulupa: la fruta exótica con la que Colombia se destaca en el mercado global

Exporte gulupa, una de las principales frutas exóticas colombianas dentro de la canasta exportadora del país y con gran demanda en el mercado global.

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Exporte envases y empaques desde Colombia

El avance de la industria colombiana ha abierto las puertas de diversos mercados alrededor del mundo a los bienes nacionales.

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Colombian fashion: an industry that shows the country’s talent to the world

Acquire Colombian fashion industry garments, a sector in which the country has positioned itself as a regional leader because of its quality and materials.

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