Graphic and Publishing Communications

Graphic and Publishing Communications Sector

The publishing subsector in Colombia has reported an important growth rate since 1990.

The Publishing sector contemplates the production of books in three different categories:

  • Children and teenagers.
  • Religious, technical and university.
  • Reference (school texts).

The Colombian Graphic Communications sector comprises the printing of advertising material, sales and publishing, newspapers, magazines, packaging and labels.


The publishing subsector has reported significant growth since 1990, when less than 2,000 different titles were released to the market, as opposed to 2009, when production reached 11,389. There has also been an increase in children and teenagers' literature production of academic and university books.

The Graphic Communications industry subsector represents 2.1% of the overall GDP and 8% of the manufacturing GDP. Colombia is the second ranked books exporter in Latin America, after Mexico.

The country made an important investment in equipment and technology to strengthen the graphic arts industry.

Why Colombia

The graphic arts industry has been recognized around the world.

The sector is centered on clean production and international requirements, emphasizing on quality standards in addition to contemplating aspects to allow the preservation of the environment.

Colombia offers comprehensive services involving design, development, printing and distribution.

High production capacity of hard-cover and full-color books.

Production incentives through the Book Act (Ley del Libro.