Engineering Services Sector

In Colombia, Engineering and Construction Service sector companies are highly specialized and very experienced.

The Engineering and Construction Services sector comprises two subsectors: Buildings and Civil Works.

The Buildings subsector comprises all activities pertaining to residential, commercial, and industrial and hospital construction.

On the other hand, the Civil Works sector contemplates activities pertaining to the construction of infrastructure projects destined for transportation (roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, railways) purposes; generation, distribution, transmission and sale of electrical power (hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric plants, dams, power towers); potable water treatment and distribution and basic sanitation (potable and waste water treatment plants, sewers, water distribution systems, irrigation channels, solid waste management); Telecommunications (mobile telephony, land line and internet infrastructure), and hydrocarbon exploitation and distribution (refineries, oil pipelines and gas lines).


Activities in the sector include advisory, design, architecture, technical inspection/audit, structuring, project management, electro-mechanical assembly, and project construction and operation.

Why Colombia

Colombian companies in this sector are highly specialized and very experienced as subcontractors; they have technical and operative capacity; they have participated in major infrastructure projects in the region, mainly in the Andean Community, Central America and the Caribbean; and their human talent is highly qualified.

The quality and price of their projects is very competitive as compared to other countries and there is a broad range of services representing added value.

Experience in finding the necessary supplementary strategic allies for project development.